Cutting tools for zirconia by Milling Machine available.

Raw Material of complex blend of medical grade nylon and acrylics for denture base resin.

16 shade coloring liquid system used for coloration of full-contour zirconia crowns and bridges.   

Purchase our kit, or customize your own components necessary to colorize and finish zirconia restorations.  Have the ability to create all base VITA shades from A through D.  

PMMA discs are made with acrylic resins combined with modified ceramics.  Available in monochromatic shades or multilayered (esthetic temporary material combines 5 layers for gradient appearance to display natural tooth characteristics of incisal to cervical parts).   Available in 98.5 mm diameter in multiple thicknesses.

99.7% Pure Alumina Crucibles offered in the following sizes for sintering full contour zirconia restorations:

ROUND 120mm x 25 mm x 3mm (with 3mm lid)

ROUND 90mm x 25mm x 3 mm (with 3 mm lid)

ROUND 70mm x 25mm x 3mm (with 3 mm lid)

RECTANGULAR 40mm x 100mm x 18mm (3mm thickness with 3mm lid)

High quality wax discs burn out ash free and have low coefficient of expansion.  Available in 98.5 mm diameter in multiple thicknesses

Products manufactured from yttria-stabilized zirconia (YSZ) powder exhibit superior mechanical properties such as high strength and flexibility. As a technological breakthrough, YSZ surpasses the strength limitations of traditional fine ceramics. Heat insulating properties and oxygen-ion conductivity indicate zirconia has potential for use in a wide variety of applications - everything from telecommunications to the new energy of the future and environmentally beneficial products.  RAC is currently working with the supplier to develop Zirconia powder grades that exhibit high translucency and strength, which is needed for the Dental industry.

YTZ Sintering Media, produced from high purity yttria-stabilized zirconia powder.